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Our Mission

Welcome to Sea Suds Soaps we are an all-natural handcrafted soap company, committed to healing the ocean one wash at a time and reducing the plastic pollution through the use and promotion of bar soap !

Commercial soap products are not only packaged in one time use plastic but also contain harmful chemicals, sulphates and petroleum derived additives. Using bar soap saves you time, money and countless marine animals lives/homes.  

So, we invite you to join our mission and help save the marine life, spread awareness and teach our children the importance of being aware of our impact on the environment. After all we all deserve to be here, and live peacefully together. 


About Us



 Consumer and maker mindfulness can help to drastically reduce the amount of waste in our planet’s oceans. Along with the benefit of being locally made, luxurious and superior in composition, handcrafted soap, shampoo and conditioner bars have another ocean-redeeming benefit: they don’t have to be packaged in plastic.

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